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Yield Tactics Hotel Market Share service as a software delivers on monthly basis extraordinary rich commercial data insights and benchmarking on a very simple web interface to Hotel General Managers, Sales Directors and Yield Managers around the world.

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Because market share is a key indicator of hospitality market competitiveness: it enables hotel General Managers to assess commercial performance even when market grow or decline, identify emerging competitors to watch closely, and better understand local trends and consumer behavior.

By monitoring closely compset market share variations, hotels can objectively establish pricing strategies, identify niche segments to focus on, take appropriate commercial action and investments decisions.

While many actors of the travel industry benefit from market share data, this money maker KPI is under-utilized in hospitality. Yield Tactics Senior Consultants have been searching how to source such data, accuratly calculate indicators at a local level, and expose hotels with straigtforward reporting solution. Now, there is a way to accurately estimate market share not only for your property, but for all hotels in your district and city: Yield Tactics Hotel Market Share.

room How hospitality market share data is calculated?

Market share of your hotel is the number of nights stayed in your property divided by the number of nights stayed in your catchment area.

You may decide whether you wish to compare your commercial performance with all hotels in your city, only in your district, perhaps also including other bordering cities.

You should also calculate your market share only for certain types of properties (hotels, apparthotels, resorts), for hotels in certain categories (stars, middle range, entry range), or just with your actual compset.

All these calculations methods are easily configurable in our solution and we can guide you to setup your default settings in order to fit your local specificities.

room Where market share data comes from?

Yield Tactics consolidate a large representative sample of confirmed stayed bookings from the largest worldwide Online Travel Agencies (OTA) in your region to deliver as a web service accurate market share estimations and commercial data insights.

room Do you include confirmed stayed booking of all my local competitors?

Yes, we do include all your local hospitality competitors as far they are distributed by mayor OTAs, except vacation homes and appartments (but including apparthotels and resorts). You can select which accomodation types and competitors you wish to consider for market share calculation.

room Are market shares calculated with all industry bookings?

Yield Tactics hotel market share is calculated from a representative sample of confirmed stayed bookings sourced from the mayor OTAs in you region, with an algorythm processing that ensures the sample is representative of your city OTA distribution dynamics. We do not include hotels direct bookings, neither GDS bookings not issued by mayor OTAs.

room Is Yield Tactics dealing with confidential, antitrust or sensitive personal information?

Our market share data comes only from public sources and we anonymise customer personal data when requried.

room How accurate is the data?

Our large commercial data and consulting expertise in the travel industry drive us to build best in class hospitality data platform served by in-house build advanced algorythms. Should you have any concern with data accuracy, we will assign free of charge a Yield Tactics Senior Consultant to go through your findings. Best is to judge by yourself by starting a free trial that will give you access to 3 years historical market share data that you can corrolate with your past commercial performance and note how our market share data makes sense to your business.


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